Festival Go-Bag Packing 101

No matter what kind of adventure you are setting out on, you will most likely need a few key items. Depending on what you are getting yourself into, extra measures might be taken to make sure you don’t run across any problems while out and about. Here I will describe some of the basics toContinue reading “Festival Go-Bag Packing 101”

Be Smart About Being Stupid: A Practical Resource Guide To Harm Reduction

Be smart about being stupid. This is one of my personal favorite phrases when it comes to life. Simply put: if you’re doing dumb shit, don’t be dumb about it! At the end of the day, it is important to know how to prepare yourself to have the most fun possible, safely. Nothing worse thenContinue reading “Be Smart About Being Stupid: A Practical Resource Guide To Harm Reduction”

Stickers, Awesome at Any Age!

It really does feel good to give something. I have a signature sticker I made that I hand out as I see fit at festivals and events. I like your outfit/costume, you get a sticker. You roll up on your bike pulling a cooler and hand me an ice cold beer, you get a sticker. Continue reading “Stickers, Awesome at Any Age!”

Gifting: It is Far Better to Give!

I get A LOT of people that equate “gifting” with “bartering” and that is not correct! This is one of my favorite myths to dispel when educating people on festivals. Think of gifting as PAYING IT FORWARD. You’re not trading for something you need/want. Example: you are out away from your campsite and the sunContinue reading “Gifting: It is Far Better to Give!”

What Exactly Does “Festival” Mean?

I have many friends and family members that ask me what I “do” for my business. I Explain that I make Festival Fashion. This inevitably leads to the second question “what do you mean when you say Festival?!” When trying to describe my experiences around Festivals, I find that most people have a loose ideaContinue reading “What Exactly Does “Festival” Mean?”

Working on a Master Plan: Get Organized

In my previous post, I mentioned that being prepared is setting yourself up for success.  There is a saying I like to use in situations where some partying is going to happen:  Be smart about being stupid!  It means what is says.  Do not ruin your own good time because you were not prepared forContinue reading “Working on a Master Plan: Get Organized”

Got to Start Somewhere: Why I Created the Blog *The ART of FUN*

The roots of this blog came from a nickname that was given to me: G.I. Festival Jayne. My good friend *Megan*S* coined this nickname for me while we were in Oregon August 2017 for the Total Eclipse. Long story short, I had all the things, at all the right times. Basically, once a girl scout,Continue reading “Got to Start Somewhere: Why I Created the Blog *The ART of FUN*”