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Simply put, just like Oprah’s legendary lists, I want to share with you some of my favorite things!  Ideas for gifts, ways to treat yourself and fun things that you can only find on the internet.  These are some of my favorite things. Along with a link to the product, I will include a review and why I love it.

My hope is to keep publishing new lists with some regularity and even tailor them to specific seasons and events down the road.  I want to list things that will add more fun to your life, make you feel good about yourself and help you be as creative as possible. Let me know which item off this list speaks to you the most in the comments below!

1.  Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

I am not big on keeping a journal, but I want to be!  I originally got this journal/workbook in hopes that it would spark my creativity and help me start a writing routine.  Well, let me tell you, it has done all of that and more!  I actually really appreciate this book as its a guide to self discovery. For example, one of the prompts tells you to list 10 dreams/goals you have that you have yet to achieve…and that makes you think!  Fun fact, this interactive writing book was actually one of the inspirations behind starting this blog

I enjoy that there are a collection of classic quotes every other page, some that you can even color in.  It’s all around great to stimulate the brain and take a little moment out for yourself and easily create a personalized journal.  Another great thing about this book is even after you have gone through it once, you can revisit parts and chronicle progress or even cross some things off of your lists. 

2.  Alfred Sung *SHI* Perfume Spray

I have worn this perfume for over a decade and I always get compliments on it.  I find the scent lingers nicely on garments for multiple days, and compliments my many other scented products, like shampoo and lotion.  

The smell is divine.  Medium strength. Sweet, but not too famine.  Hints of ocean coolness. Floral notes with a slight musky finish. Think Coolwater meets Abercrombie, but not offensive/strong. A scent for a woman who knows who she is, but is in touch with her playful side.

The price is one of the best parts of this perfume.  It is far less expensive compared to some celebrity scents.  I usually can find a 3.4oz bottle for under $30.  I have bought multiple bottles over the years and have found that it does not evaporate quickly, and stands up over time.  solid investment in beauty care.

3. Lolli Bright Light-Up Lollipops

I have enjoyed these on many occasions. Perfect for use as a swizzle stick for a drink, trick or treating,  or any nighttime event.  Typically, this is one of the first purchases I make before heading out to a rave/festival, as they make awesome gifts. 

The candy flavors are all very tasty, none of them reminded me of cough syrup.  The candy itself tastes good, not overly sweet and dissolves slowly. The shelf life on these is about 2 years I have found.  After that point, they do start to breakdown and become one with the plastic wrapper.  The lights were still functional, the sucker itself was just a bit sticky to unwrap.  Once the candy is gone, you still have a light-up stick to enjoy.  The battery time on these is pretty solid. I have ordered them multiple times and have never received one that was not working.

The simple on-off light up feature is a small button towards the bottom of the stick that easily turns the light on or off.  In previous years, they suckers had two alternating (flashing) LED colors, but recently they have gone to a single color LED that has flash mode and constant on options.  Still very bight, and a great way to entertain yourself and dazzle others. 

4. Nalgene 32oz Glow In The Dark Water Bottle

The OG wide mouth: perfect for adding ice, checking for floaties, and easy cleaning. While these water bottles come in a variety of colors, the GLOW IN THE DARK factor takes this particular one to the next level! Glows a super vibrant classic green after being exposed to UV (black light) or sunlight for only a few minutes. Even above average glow when in contacted with regular house lighting. Durable BPA free design that makes it suitable for warm or cold drinks. Measurements are marked in both ounces and milliliters that are molded into the plastic, not painted on. Dishwasher safe (top shelf), leak proof grip seal, perfect to clip on almost anything with a carabiner, and relatively indestructible. I have owned many, and only managed to brake one! (How Weird 2019). *Also available in an adorable 12oz mini version…perfect for a mixed drink on the go, or small children!

5.  Tulip Glow In The Dark Puff Paints

This 6-pack features what I like to call a “hidden WOW factor”.  I use these on almost everything I make for events.  They dry semi-transparent and are great accents to any garment for a pop of fun.  While these all glow in the dark, they are also fluorescent so they react under blacklight too!  Tulip brand also has a great consistency of product, making it easy to work with and control the flow when using it.  The great thing about puff paint in general is its many uses and surfaces that it works on, it is extremely versatile. 

Want to personalize your gym bag?  How about make some fun shirts for you next group activity? Or decorate your ceiling with next level glow in the dark shapes and designs?  Puff Paint…because the possibilities are endless! 

6. Mystical Fire Color Flame Packets

Who doesn’t love fire?!  It is a dangerous thing of beauty.  Take your bonfire/campout/fireplace to the next level with this brilliant display of colorful flame magic.  Simply throw one of these packets directly onto a wood burning fire and watch the flames change from green, pink, blue and red and gold. It is trippy watching the colors change through the rainbow when it comes to fire.  One packet usually lasted me about 30+ minutes at full strength in a fire pit.  After about an hour, there would only be occasional flickers of color.  The Mystical Fire color packets are a nice addition to any entertaining event as it is a great talking point and over all crowd pleaser. 

7. HUHOT Tie-dye Tank Dress

Sleeveless V-neck summer dress with POCKETS!  Deep, hold my phone without worrying, kind of pockets! Before COVID, and before I lived in the Caribbean, I loved this dress.  Now, I don’t know what I would do without it!  This dress is so multifunctional.  It is made out of cotton, so the material breaths and had a good amount of stretch.  The cut of the sleeve is perfect for providing full coverage for what I referrer to as the “chicken cutlet” part of my armpit/chest. The V-neck is flattering to the frame,  and allows the dress to be easily accessorized with a statement necklace.  Size-wise, I ordered a size up from what I would normally wear as this dress runs normal to slightly smaller. The dress is stretchy, but I prefer a relaxed fit, so one size up was perfect for me.  

The tie-dye coloring provides perfect camouflage for those mishaps/stains. I should note that this dress has been worn and washed at least twice a week since the pandemic and I have not experience any color fading.  Available in 24 different colors/patterns this style of dress is a must have for all people who live in dresses! You can dress it up, you can bum around the house in it…either way, you’ll be comfortable and stylish! 

8. Placers *Grind No More* Nighttime Dental Mouth Guard.

Out of all the things I have bought in the last year, this is the most life changing.  I have been noticeably grinding my teeth since 2017.  Like, cracked two back molars and needed root canals grinding. Before I started wearing the mouth gaurd to sleep,  I would wake up with a stiff neck, a tight jaw and horrible headaches.  I bought these, and noticed a difference after the first night!  

I like that these are disposable, I find I get about a month before I chew through these.  I also really like the fact that these guards can be worn on either the top or the bottom of your mouth.  I mix it up, alternating top and bottom, both are very comfy and feel secure in my mouth.  Sometimes, if I have a stressful task, or studying to do, I will actually put this in to help ease the tension in my jaw from clenching my teeth as I concentrate.  

This is seriously one of those things I could slap myself for not buying sooner.  Like seriously, how did I ever manage without these?! 

9. 24K Gold Under Eye Patches

I have dark circles and often my eyes get puffy from allergies and lack of sleep.  Anyone else?  These babies are great for all those things.  They are cooling like cucumbers, no tingle sensation,  and no messy adhesive to clean up after.  You simple place them under your eye and as they start to dry out they firm up your under eye area.  I leave them on longer then the package recommends, usually bc I lose track time,  typically about 30-45 minutes. 

I noticed after about 3 uses my dark circles were greatly reduced and my skin was super soft.  They also look cool, the gold is aesthetically pleasing.  I have even been able to convince the Fiancé to use these and he also enjoys the self care pampering experience.  These also were very convenient to carry in my purse and put on in-between driving from work to the party spot for a quick face refresh. 

10. E6000 Craft Adhesive Glue

Industrial strength, quick drying and available with different application tips and colors.  This is one of my all time favorite craft supplies.  I use it on everything from clothing, hats, sunglasses, shoes and household items. If you told me I could only have one adhesive to craft with for the rest of my life, hands down, this would be it! 

This glue is composed of a silicon base that is uniquely formulated to meet high-performance needs. Works well on heavy materials like metal and wood. It is also excellent for an array of craft mediums, including fabric, glass, ceramics, leather, rubber, vinyl, most plastics and more. E6000 comes in a variety of sizes/styles, I prefer the 3.7oz (large) version in CLEAR with the pointed accuracy tip. Glue is tacky after just a few minutes, which prevents slippage. Firmly attached and ready to wear in just a few hours. Easily found in almost any craft or home improvement store.

All of these products are available for sale through Amazon.  If you purchase a product using the link I provided, I get a small amount of compensation from Amazon, at no additional cost to you. 

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