Everything You Need To Know About Crowd Surfing

Curious About Crowd Surfing, Let Me School You! With another year of large gathering/events being postponed, there is no excuse not to be prepared when things open back up after quarantine. Going to a rave or festival for the first time is on a lot of folks Bucket Lists. I want to help you levelContinue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Crowd Surfing”

The Art of Self Care

What is self care?  That is a broad question, but I tend to think it encompasses listening to your inner voice to recognize your own needs and then, in-turn, processing those emotions constructively.  Something that requires constant maintenance.  An ever fluid situation that is often influenced by the things happening around us.  We all knowContinue reading “The Art of Self Care”

Porta Potty Etiquette

The toilet is a trip. A place that everyone needs to use, but usually ends up destryed in one way or another. In this post I’m going to lay down a few basic guidelines and hacks for going to the bathroom in a Porta Potty. Not all blog topics are sexy, but this is aContinue reading “Porta Potty Etiquette”

Be Smart About Being Stupid: A Practical Resource Guide To Harm Reduction

Be smart about being stupid. This is one of my personal favorite phrases when it comes to life. Simply put: if you’re doing dumb shit, don’t be dumb about it! At the end of the day, it is important to know how to prepare yourself to have the most fun possible, safely. Nothing worse thenContinue reading “Be Smart About Being Stupid: A Practical Resource Guide To Harm Reduction”

Working on a Master Plan: Get Organized

In my previous post, I mentioned that being prepared is setting yourself up for success.  There is a saying I like to use in situations where some partying is going to happen:  Be smart about being stupid!  It means what is says.  Do not ruin your own good time because you were not prepared forContinue reading “Working on a Master Plan: Get Organized”