Must Have Items For Summer FUN

Whether you’re trying to have your Hawt Girl Summer, or just live your best life in the sunshine, there are a few items that you need to round it all out. I Have listed my top 16 things everyone should have to maximize their fun in the sun and get the most out of theContinue reading “Must Have Items For Summer FUN”

45 Ideas To Level Up Camping And Outdoor Adventures in 2021

With the New Year full of promise, and folks adapting to the “new normal”, everyone is going out into the wilderness for some fresh air and sunshine. Camping and outdoor adventures are now more popular than ever. I have done my fair share of camping over the years, from canvas tents in Girl Scouts toContinue reading “45 Ideas To Level Up Camping And Outdoor Adventures in 2021”

*Honey Jayne’s Favorite Things*

This page contains affiliate links, click here for full disclosure. Simply put, just like Oprah’s legendary lists, I want to share with you some of my favorite things!  Ideas for gifts, ways to treat yourself and fun things that you can only find on the internet.  These are some of my favorite things. Along withContinue reading “*Honey Jayne’s Favorite Things*”