Share the Love: 20 Out-of-the-Box Valentine’s Ideas!

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark holiday that makes people feel obligated to display grand gestures of love. I am of the mindset that you should celebrate love all year long. If February 14th is the one time a year you express your love, you’re doing it wrong! Regardless of if you are coupled up orContinue reading “Share the Love: 20 Out-of-the-Box Valentine’s Ideas!”

*Honey Jayne’s Favorite Things*

This page contains affiliate links, click here for full disclosure. Simply put, just like Oprah’s legendary lists, I want to share with you some of my favorite things!  Ideas for gifts, ways to treat yourself and fun things that you can only find on the internet.  These are some of my favorite things. Along withContinue reading “*Honey Jayne’s Favorite Things*”

Stickers, Awesome at Any Age!

It really does feel good to give something. I have a signature sticker I made that I hand out as I see fit at festivals and events. I like your outfit/costume, you get a sticker. You roll up on your bike pulling a cooler and hand me an ice cold beer, you get a sticker. Continue reading “Stickers, Awesome at Any Age!”

Gifting: It is Far Better to Give!

I get A LOT of people that equate “gifting” with “bartering” and that is not correct! This is one of my favorite myths to dispel when educating people on festivals. Think of gifting as PAYING IT FORWARD. You’re not trading for something you need/want. Example: you are out away from your campsite and the sunContinue reading “Gifting: It is Far Better to Give!”