Honey Jayne in all her costume glory
How Weird Street Faire 2019 San Francisco

A Little About Me…

I answer to many names: G.I. Festival Jayne, Tiny Bubbles, Merry Jayne, but at the end of the day, I always introduce myself as *Honey Jayne*.

Whenever I am asked “how would you describe yourself” my answer is: Imagine if Lisa Frank, Las Vegas and Halloween had a baby with Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll…thats me in a nutshell!

In my family we have a call and response. The first part is someone calling out, “Who wants to have fun?!” then we all respond “WE DO! WE DO!”. It’s the simplest of terms, but it gets the point across. We like to have fun, and who doesn’t? Life is meant to be enjoyed!

Ever since I was a kid, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. As an adult I decided everyday deserves epic outfits! I believe that clothes make a statement and costumes tell a story. Radical self expression is one of many things that drew me into festival culture themed parties.

I was born and raised in the Midwest, which attributes to my down to earth personality and corn fed booty. I always wanted that Animal House/Van Wilder college experience so I decided to attend The Ohio State University. After graduation, I made the move west to San Francisco, California for some big city living. Once I arrived in the Bay Area I was exposed to many fun characters, and different events, including Burning Man! Between the street fairs, pop up raves, and local festivals I realized that this was truly a lifestyle I wanted to fully embrace.

(From Left to Right) *1. Space Rave Cadet @ SF Decompression 2017 *2. Phoenix Firebird @ How Weird Street Faire 2016 *3. Absinthe Fairy @ DNA Lounge 2017 Halloween *4. Honey Jayne @ Northern Nights Music Festival 2018

I am all about having fun. We are talking full spectrum. Everything from singing & dancing in the shower to hosting an over-the-top themed dinner party with homemade yum yum. If theres a reason to dress-up, count me in. If theres music involved, I’m down. Costume party? I have a whole section in my closet just for that reason!

After years of attending festivals & planning events I noticed that no matter where in the world I was, people would approach me to ask, “where did you buy (Insert dope item)?!” or say “That’s a great hack! How did you learn that?” So I decided to create this blog to collectively answer all those questions. It functions as a way to channel my creative energy into posts that can help others express themselves.

I have served as a festival spirit guide for many people over the years, helping them prepare for epic adventures. This has given me diverse exposure to a range of clothing/accessories, camping items that help enhance the festival experience for first timers and OGs alike, as well as tips & tricks to streamline the festival experience so you work smarter, not harder at having a good time.

I finally realized my purpose in this world is to be a vessel of fun, leaving a trail of sparkle and smiles where ever I go! I created this blog because experience has taught me many things, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people to help them along their journey. This is my way of sharing ideas & advice I have acquired through the years in hopes that you are inspired to have a little fun!

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