Stickers, Awesome at Any Age!

It really does feel good to give something. I have a signature sticker I made that I hand out as I see fit at festivals and events. I like your outfit/costume, you get a sticker. You roll up on your bike pulling a cooler and hand me an ice cold beer, you get a sticker.  We had a pleasant interaction that left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, you get a sticker. Typically, anyone I connect with and want to have a forever reminder of that moment, gets a sticker! That’s my gift. My THANK YOU for you being you because PEOPLE are what make these events, literally and figuratively.


I always carry my stickers on my person, even in everyday life. It’s a rainbow Unicorn with rainbow letters that say “Thanks for being fabulous as fuck”. I got it from a greeting card I saw and instantly connected with. These stickers have the ability to light up people’s faces. No Bullshit.

The sticker is clutch for so many reasons. It is lightweight and takes up almost no room making it convenient to both gift and receive. A good quality sticker lasts forever and sparks nostalgia for both the event where it was given and childhood in general. And for me personally, the sticker is an awesome icebreaker. I make outfits and costumes for festivals and I appreciate others who do the same. So instead of being the 30th annoying person asking for a picture, I give someone the sticker and mad props for their style…then I ask for my picture! 😂

My favorite website to use when making and ordering stickers is PrintRunner.  They have a quick turnaround time. They have user friendly custom creation tools and some of the best prices in the market. Their stickers are always high quality and have cool features available like metallic and clear backing options! I have also heard very good things about Sticker Mule. I have seen their finished product up close and personal and was impressed, but have not used their services personally.

Personal *Thank You* sticker I hand out to awesome souls! Photo Credit: Honey Jayne

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Imagine if Lisa Frank, Las Vegas and Halloween had a baby with Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll...thats me in a nutshell!

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