Festival Go-Bag Packing 101

No matter what kind of adventure you are setting out on, you will most likely need a few key items. Depending on what you are getting yourself into, extra measures might be taken to make sure you don’t run across any problems while out and about. Here I will describe some of the basics to pack for most any outing and give you fun hacks and ideas I have learned along the way in all my years of festivaling!

Traditionally, a GO-BAG is a bag packed with essential items, kept ready for use in the event of an emergency evacuation. It loosely translates to being prepared and having things on hand to ensure your comfort and survival. When packing my go-bag for festivals I think about the basics, plus any additional items that could enhance the experience or be useful throughout the course of the day/night. I am also mindful of how much I want to carry with me for the time. Sometimes, I want a fanny pack or to put items in my cargo vest and not actually carry a bag.

Here is a streamlined list for necessities when wanting to travel light. At the very least, these BASIC contents are with me always, even in the default world, and for good reason.

Basic Festival Go-Bag contents:

  1. *1/4 roll of Toilet paper. Toilet paperis useful besides the obvious empty Porta Potty. It is helpful to blow you nose often to clear out all the dust and dirt kicked up, it can clean up small spills and even be used as a fire starter. No need for a whole roll, takes up too much space. Save the hassle and use those rolls that are close to the end.
  2. *3-4 Hard candies. I am partial to Werther’s Original Hard Candies. They help out if you need a little sugar pick-me-up, want to freshen your breath, or your friend is rolling balls and grinding the shit out of their teeth.
  3. *Lip Gloss. Protect your lips from being cracked and dry, but it also double as a poor mans Neosporin by helping cuts heal and to moisturize the inside of your nose to prevent drying out. Chapstick can also be used to slick back fly-aways.
  4. *Lighter. A lighter is a great idea as it serves as an icebreaker for when someone needs a light for their smoke, you can use the flame to illuminate your surroundings to see better, and sometimes you need to spark up some fire to let the band know you love them!
  5. *Advil & Tums. Advil and Tums cover basic aches and pains and sooth upset stomach from too much fried food or shots of shitty booze.
  6. *Flavor water drops. Lastly, flavored water drops are helpful if you want to mix up your normal boring water, or my personal favorite, when you need a mixer on the fly. Festivals are notorious for random bottles of liquor being passed around, so having an instant mixer makes almost any spirit more palatable. Some flavor water drops even have electrologists and/or caffeine in them for an added bonus.

Beyond my basic go-bag, I pack for either the day or the night, swapping out the contents around dinner time to make sure I am not carrying unnecessary items and extra weight.

Daytime Pack Ideas:

  1. *Sunscreen. Even if it is overcast out, you can still get a sun burn. Plus, you should reapply if you are going to be exposed to the sun for the whole day.
  2. *Sunglasses. Perfect for shielding your eyes from the sun, but also they can enhance your vision if they are polarized or prescription. Also, sunnies double as a headband to keep your air out of your face.
  3. *Sarong/large scarf, thin small blanket/towel. Basically any fabric item that doesn’t take up too much room, but can be used as a towel to dry off, a blanket to sit on or to create some personal shade.

Night time usually means temperature drops. It might be super warm when you head out at 9pm; however, when 2am hits and your teeth are chattering, you’ll be glad you have these few items!

Nighttime Pack Ideas:

  1. *Beanie/hat. A hat will cover your head and be a quick way to keep some heat in.
  2. *Thin waterproof jacket. The waterproof jacket insulates the body heat you have and creates a layering affect and can be worn open to still showcase any awesome outfit you were rocking before the chill set in. The jacket also can serve as a cozy little ground cover for two.
  3. *Finger lights/Glow Accessories. Finger lights and glow necklaces/bracelets are great for personal lighting and are inexpensive items you can gift out providing illumination to people so they can be seen for safety reasons…and maybe make some new friends!

Carryover Items good to pack with you 24/7 :

  1. *WATER. Dehydration is a major fun killer, make sure you have a water bottle, Camelbak/Bota bag, or something to make sure you always have water for yourself and anyone else who might need it.
  2. *Snacks. Always a good idea to have on hand for obvious reasons. People get Hangry.
  3. *Bandana. The bandana can double as a head cover or a dust mask.
  4. *Headlamp. The headlamp allows you to see what your doing in the dark and is so very handy when using the Porta Potty as it is handsfree.
  5. *Metal Carabiner. This metal clip is clutch for securing items like water bottles or anything you might not have room for inside your pack.

Stay tuned for more detailed packing lists and tips to make sure you bring everything you need, and nothing you don’t! Looking for ideas for must have CAMPING GEAR? Check out this article I wrote: 45 Items to Level Up Your Camping Game! I cover, activities, decorations, food and gear!

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