14 Ways to Entertain Yourself with Music During Quarantine

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato has been accredited with saying “Music gives a soul to the Universe”. Even over 2,000 years ago people recognized the important connection we all have to music. It is life, and it speaks directly to our hearts, which respond by keeping the beat.

There are countless things that make Music awesome, and a major life line in this time of COVID-19. In this post I have compiled 14 creative ways to enjoy Music while still sheltering in place. My hope is that the power of music not only alleviates some of the boredom, but also brings some peace and relaxation. Music is a universal language that has been medically proven to heighten brain function. Music is a pleasure. It feels good to listen to. Music also sparks the imagination. It can inspire you to create, or it can transport you back in time like a daydream. Music also represents freedom. The freedom of choice which allows you to be yourself and can provide a means to escape mentally. One of the things that makes Music so cool is that it is truly an individual choice. Which is why it is all the much more special when we find others that share our musical tastes.

***For an added bonus, I have included a special playlist at the end of this post, CLICK HERE to jump to it 🙂


14 Ways to Entertain Yourself with Music During Quarantine:

  1. Make homemade instruments. Get creative with what you have around the house. Almost anything can be a drum. Use the top of a bottle to blow across and create some tones. Fill up different glasses with water and make them “sing”. Go old school backwoods and bust out the spoons! Have some Tupperware containers and rice/beans? Put them together for instant maracas! Want more ideas, check out Felt Magnet’s 52 homemade instruments to make.
  2. Make music videos. Dress up and lip sync to your favorite song. Channel your inner Glamazon/Rocker to take your outfit to the next level. Layer on the sequins, bust out an old halloween wig, and go full-throttle with some Ziggy Stardust face makeup! Bonus points if you share it on the internet for all to enjoy!
  3. Sing in the shower. But really do it right. The bathroom has an ideal acoustic setup. Being made up of mostly tile and hard surfaces there isn’t much in the to absorb the sound, so your voice gains a natural autotune. The many benefits of singing have been well documented to include everything from boosting your immune system to slowing the aging process. In addition, singing is a great way to relieve stress, it helps uplift your mood by producing the same endorphins your body creates during sex. So what are you waiting for?! Put those premium acoustic conditions to use by adding on some music to sing along with!
  4. Join in on virtual events. Connect live online with DJs, Singers and Musicians. With everything from Zoom Raves, Twitch DJ sets, YouTube concerts, and even Operas live streaming, there is no shortage of content for your listening pleasure. Here are a few web resources to help you find events: Billboard, Eventbrite, GigsGuide, and GRAMMYs.
  5. Find your favorite band/group/music act online and support them! Follow their social media accounts. Find out more background on the artists and go behind the music. Visit their website and find out if they are putting on any virtual events, then tune in. Are they doing fundraising for a cause or donating a portion of their merch proceeds to a charitable organization? Who doesn’t love a new graphic Tee???
  6. Organize your music library. Make sure all your tracks have a title and artist. Moreover, try to delete any duplicates. While you’re organizing take the time to rediscover old songs. Then try creating some new playlists for working out, future road trips, or ones that just make you feel some type of way.
  7. Burn some CDs to share/mail out to your friends. Weather it’s a newly created playlist or a mix of your favorite songs, it is sure to entertain. I have been burning CDs since I was 12, and I still make them, no bullshit. It is a super old school way to express yourself that is becoming a lost art, and who doesn’t love getting music?!
  8. Write a remix. There are so many funny parody songs out there, why not create one of your own?! Start by changing the refrain, then dive a little deeper and try to add multiple verses. Give your brain a workout and tap into your creative side by coming up with fun new lyrics for a favorite song. Here’s a great quarantine parody example of Adele’s “Hello” by Chris Mann.
  9. Start a sing-a-long. This option is especially great if you live in an apartment building or have houses in close proximity to each other. Early into quarantine people started singing together on balconies in Italy. It’s a fun way to feel some solidarity in your community!
  10. Turn you living room into a Pop-up Rave. Perfect if you’re solo or have a house full of people. Bust out some Christmas lights to help set the mood, then either make a dope playlist or listen to a favorite DJ set from the past. Bonus points if you can stream videos to your TV for psychedelic visuals or you have a trippy movie to put on. Make yourself a beverage, put on a random outfit (or no clothes) and let the rhythm take control. DANCE!
  11. Learn some sweet dance moves. One of the best parts about music is the fact that we want to dance to it! Ever want to learn the Thriller dance? Here’s your chance! Watch a few internet video tutorials to teach yourself some classic line dances or sign up to take an online Hip Hop class and work with a pro. Move the furniture around, record yourself with your phone so you can see what you’re doing right and where you can improve. When the dust settles and we are able to go out and really shake it on the dance floor, you will be ready to wow the crowd!
  12. DIY Music trivia. There are a few ways to do this, you can play a few seconds of a song and have people guess the title & artist, like with the show Beat Shazam. You can also quiz one another on fun fact about songs, think Trivial Pursuit music category questions. Either create your own Q&A or search the internet for examples like this from Thought Catalogue.
  13. Put on a Music talent show. Weather its over Zoom with friends & family or in real life at home with your housemates you are sure to be entertained! Your talents could be singing a parody that you wrote, lip-syncing in full costume to a power ballad, playing a traditional instrument/new homemade one, or just having a song that is relevant to your talent playing in the background. Just make it part of the parameters that whatever you do, it must include some form of music.
  14. Watch Musicals. Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional movie with a lot of singing and dancing!? Here’s a list of some of my favorites broken down into four categories: Old School, Modern, Kid Friendly, and Psychedelic.

There have been countless quotes written about the influence music has on us and how it can greatly effect our moods. Music allows us to feel a wide range of emotions such as excited, calm & relaxed, and even helps us process sadness. Often times, it sparks nostalgia and evokes memories of the past. This time traveling property is one of the many reasons we use music as a means to escape the daily grind. Music allows us to magically transport ourselves to a different time or place. We can force ourselves to have a flashback, triggered by a certain song, that reminds us of a specific person, place, or event. Music is like an awesome audio inspired memory bank.

Making music not only gives you something to do, but dancing in your living room or singing in the shower just adds some spice to your life, quarantine or not! Hope you enjoyed my ideas on ways to amuse and distract yourself with music during shelter in place. As always, my mission is to educate and entertain. I hope you learned something new and laughed a little.


Somedays we need the music, other days we need the lyrics…

In these trying times, use music as a means to comfort yourself. It’s ok to feel some type of way about the things that are happening out in the world. The above Spotify playlist I created is lovingly entitled “Quarantine” to help you get through.

I put together this playlist specifically to help me get though all the down time as a result of COVID-19 shelter in place orders. I wanted a constant outlet to help me deal with all the feels I have been having since March. Over the last weeks I have compiled a wide range of tunes, with at least one song to fit any mood. I will continue to add to the list as a means of musical therapy for all to enjoy. I wanted to make this collection of songs available to y’all because sharing is caring.

Heads up! My Quarantine playlist is designed to get you dancing, make you feel relaxed, and create a fun vibe. This music mix has a little bit of everything: Oldies, Classic Rock, House, R&B, Disco, and Indie. While some songs made the cut because of their moving lyrics, others were included because I found them relevant to current events. I also made a conscious decision to include upbeat remixes, because its healthy to rediscover new versions of old favorites and the obvious symbolism with things being disrupted from the “norm” due to the Coronavirus.

If you are easily offended, or have children listening I suggest caution. There are some explicit songs that are not labeled as such.

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