107 Funny Ugly Sweater Ideas

Holiday parties have long been a thing.  One of the latest trends for themes has been *Ugly Sweater*.  I love the idea of staying warm, being comfortable and also making people laugh, so this particular party attire and is my favorite way to get into the spirit of the season!

Winter fashion is unmistakable.  From flannel pajamas, to cozy hats and scarfs and the now famous ugly sweater, the idea is about staying warm and spreading some holiday cheer by dressing in festive gear.

Regardless of what winter holidays you celebrate, there is something on this list for you!  Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Krampus…seriously, you get the idea. I have compiled a list of over 100 of the craziest, funny, most off-color, ugly sweater ideas on the internet. Look them over and have a good laugh! Heads up, this is probably best kept from younger eyes…more of a PG-13 kind of deal.

All of these are available on Amazon, and most of them are unisex, so get one for yourself, give them as gifts, or get the fam together and make that epic holiday card to send out. Click the pictures below to find out more about a particular product! 

This blog post contains affiliate links, and I may get a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase any of the recommended products though the links below.

The Xmas Belly: Unisex ugly Christmas novelty 3D graphic sweatshirt guaranteed to get a laugh! This definitely gives me a good chuckle every time I see it.

Drinking game sweater with 6 velcro balls included! Balls also will stick to sweater and stick strongly to the target. Sweater is machine washable. Rules are knit into the back of the sweater. Perfect to be the life of the party! Exclusively designed, manufactured and sold by Tipsy Elves

While I feel this sweater is far from *ugly*, it is a great big beautiful sparkle distraction & that’s good enough for me to make the cut for this list!

Represent Santa South of the border, perfect for Holiday Fiestas, Feliz Navidad!

Santa says “Aint No Laws When You’re Drinking With Claus”! This is a perfect shirt for anyone who loves the hard seltzer White Claw!

Holidays come and go, but Wu-Tang is FOREVER! 100% Acrylic, perfect for making a statement and staying warm this winter.

This is some top notch creativity. Ugly sweater…just put a mirror on it!

Another awesome creation from Tipsy Elves, they just get it! Mini LED lights that illuminate the tree and really put emphasis on getting *LIT* this Winter!

Christmas Vacation sweater that pictures all the iconic symbols from the movie, perfect for your own family gatherings and a good laugh.

Stand out this season with this stunningly bright colored sweatshirt. Nothing like a playful graphic of Santa to get you Jolly AF for the Holidays.

Yo Yo Yo! Merry Kwanzaa! This festive sweater keeps you warm while keepin’ it 100!

The classic look of an old school ugly sweater, but remixed. A modern take that includes beer mugs, this sweater really emphasizes that it is here to party.

Rainbow elf silhouette, sure to spread some holiday smiles! Is it just me, or should they also be riding unicorns?!

Wear a shirt your Bubbee would be proud of you in! Yiddish spin on this classic caroling tune, got to love these play on words!

Hoppy Holidays to all you beer lovers. Santa has been crafting up some special brews for you in his workshop!

Also available in red and black, this Ludacris wordplay really hits home for us 90’s kids!

Let the world know how good you are at wrapping! This decorative black and red cozy knitted sweater is embellished with golden details that just screams festive holiday fun. 

This goes out to all my fellow Spanish speaking brothers & sisters! I always appreciate the playful spirit of the Latinx people, and I know many an amigo that would crack up at this.

This gold and blue beauty is stealthy! Notice what the deer are doing?! NSFW, but who’s really going to notice on that Zoom Call?! This retro remake is 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool so you will stay warm, but look cool.

Trying to turn up for the Holidays? Go Nuts in this festive nutcracker sweater!

For all you Christmas Story fans out there, here is a perfect tribute to one of the most recognizable symbols from the film: the leg lamp…a major award!

This 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic blended beauty is modeled after the iconic Seinfeld episode where “Festivus” was created as a counter holiday to all the winter holidays. Classic!

Another Tipsy Elves masterpiece, this is what I picture every Bro wearing on Christmas morning.

Santa for president! Wouldn’t that be some kind of a Christmas miracle?! Festive and patriotic, sure to make Christmas great again!

Any true Deadhead appreciates merch! This sweater puts me in the mood to jam the night away. Definitely makes me want to talk about music while walking in a winter wonderland.

Show off how LIT you are this holiday by representing in this festive Menorah shirt for Hanukkah!

Whiskey most definitely is my Christmas Spirit!!! Cheers to that! Let everyone know that you drink well with others in this great shirt. It also comes in a dodger blue and grey variations.

For those unfamiliar with the European idea of KRAMPUS, it’s basically the opposite of St. Nick. Krampus is who visits all the children who have misbehave and punished them at Christmas. Think Bah Humbug x 100!

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with this sweater! Way to perfectly encompass the spirit of the season.

“Don We Now Our Gay Apparel” with reindeer, Christmas trees, unicorn, and snowflakes accents in rainbow colors. Perfect for LGBTQIA+ Pride.

Personally, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is my favorite holiday movie…and anyone else who loves the film will instantly recognize this iconic line from cousin Eddie.

I always wondered how Santa had enough money for all those toys…shake those snowballs!

That moment when you have to do a double take to make sure you did not mis-read something. Got to love those optical illusions and brain associations! Hail SANTA!

Keep the Christ in Christmas and go all out for the birthday boy! If Jesus is the reason for the season, we should definitely celebrate him! HBJC

Happy *Challah* days! Genius manipulation, this is holiday wordplay gold people. 8 crazy nights, you’re going to need multiple ugly sweaters!

The puuuurfect holiday look for any cat lover on your list. Different cats in different hats, what could be more adorable?

Every dog lover needs one of these in their lives to sport during the holidays. Just look at those smiling puppy dog faces!

Making some holiday cookies and want to show off your 420 friendly side? Here is the perfect sweater for you! Got to love those double entendres 😉

I like to think of this as Santa in the off season…just chillin’ somewhere tropical in his matching sweatsuit, looking for some ladies who like Pina Coladas.

Santa definitely loves his milk and cookies, but this shirt could end you on the naughty list! Festive & flirty in this hoodie!

This sweater is more like a great piece of modern art then an ugly sweater! Show off your tropical side with this surfing Santa, Mele Kalikimaka!

While only Santa can judge you this holiday season, everyone else will be giving you some love for this gangster sweater! And how do you not love this shirt…it has 40’s on it!!!

This is actually a long sleeved T-Shirt designed to look like a sweet sweater mashup of Christmas and Hanukkah. It even carries the theme through to the neck tie. Perfect 2 for 1 holiday shirt!

This sweater is extra perfect for the holidays as it has attached beer coozies. Talk about the kind of presents you want under the tree! Never worry about misplacing you holiday beverage of choice with this handy dandy sweater.

Putting the “X” in X-mas! How funny is this for a white elephant or a Naughty List gift exchange?! Just make sure you don’t wear it to the office for casual friday!

Show the world you are festive AF with this holiday sweater. The complementary selves just really do it for me…so jolly!

Don this gay apparel and show off your Holiday PRIDE! Festive and fabulous, the best way to sleigh these snow days!

Rudolph might be the most well know reindeer, but lets be honest, Blitzen is the fun one!

The visual really says it all here.

Who doesn’t love a sexy seasonal sweater vest? Let the people know that you’re not just another pretty face…you’re also great at hanging decorations 😉

I never pictured Biggy as a snowman…now I can never unsee it! If you don’t know, now you know.

Dabbing through the snow…in a one horse open sleigh! Set the tone for the dance floor in this cozy pop culture sweater.

Wanna be like Mike? Snag this sweater to let everyone you are a knockout that mean business when it comes to Mistletoe kisses.

This sweatshirt not only zips open and closed, but it lets you blend like a master if you’re playing outdoor hide and seek! Go from camouflage to Christmas entourage with this 3d printed hoodie. perfect for the whole winter season.

I feel like there are really only two kinds of people in the world: those who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and those who don’t. This is for the former! What makes this extra cool, the matching mask of course…Yippie Ki Yay Kids!!!

Another classic Christmas movie, Ode to Home Alone! Got to have something to show that you survived the Wet Bandits.

Sometimes you just have to slap a giant bow on yourself and sit under the Christmas tree to remind your family that you are a gift!

Stink, stank, STUNK! Pretty much the quintessential 2020 holiday shirt. Who would have thought the Grinch theme song lyrics would so fittingly describe and entire year?!

Im pretty sure Santa would be an amazing Luchador. Hype up the crowd this holiday season and embrace the entertainment side of the season!

Jingle those balls all the way…no one likes a half assed jingler!

Light up the night this holiday season by rocking this LED beauty. Only thing missing is the star to put on top of your head!

Something I never thought of until today…Santa is an Alien…I’m down, just no probing at the North Pole please!

Don’t eat the yellow snow, even if it is from Santa!

Transform into a magical reindeer by simply putting your hood up! Bonus points if you track down a red nose to be Rudolf!

Everybody pile in Santa’s Jolly bus! Boogie on down the road to your next holiday event in this retro VW hippie van with the Fat Man!

These 90’s music puns are priceless! Coolio would be proud to be caught rolling with these winter wonderland hommies!

A modern man’s hipster St. Nick…complete with decorated ornament beard, sexy eyeliner and hair swoop!

I thought it was “everytime a bell rings and angel gets it’s wings”?! Whaterver…this works too! Jingle all the way, nobody likes a half-ass jingler!

Yo Ho Ho and a Pirate Christmas for me! Perfect for Pirates and land lovers alike, get into the holiday spirit with this holiday take on the Jolly Rodger.

This majestic creature will have you feeling extra sparkle magic this Hanukkah!

Rawr! This dino-mite sweater is an adorable way for any T-Rex fans to celebrate the holidays! Got to love the attention to detail, 3D LED lights on the tree and gold sparkle embellishments.

Baby, it’s cold out side is really just an excuse for this fabulous sweater! Rainbow ombre design that has a silver sequin snowflake front & center? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

This sweater is definitely one of the more random on this list, but it has a certain amount of Christmas charm combined with burgers and fries that is just awesome in my opinion!

Who doesn’t love Will Ferrell as Santa’s little helper? Holiday movie cult classic, this ELF sweater has all the things to make you feel wrapped up in the Christmas spirit.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!

You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch, but this sweater is so very sweet! Layered with tons of details this Dr. Seuss Christmas classic is a great way to show that your heart is in the right place with some humor this holiday season!

This sweater is truly out fo this world! Hitchhikers guide to the Universe Goes on an epic journey with Santa on a Unicorn.

Here’s a nice throwback to 8-bit Mario! Great way for any gamer to show off their holiday spirit.

Sweet baby Jesus, please turn that melted snow into wine! Growing up, this would have been the sweater I wore to Sunday service.

This one goes out to all my Bob’s Burger’s fans, you know all Tina wants for Christmas is to touch butts!

Hottie holiday bodies are not usually the thing, but you can gingerly let everyone know you are the sweetest snack in the room with this.

After picturing Santa as the Godfather, it all makes sense now!!!

Sassy statement sweater, let everyone know you are up to SNOW good this holiday season and are most certainly on the naughty list.

Here’s one for all my Big Lebowski fans out there! I feel like this sweater will really tie the room together…

This is an ugly sweater, it has nothing to do with the Holidays and everything to do with the movie Step Brothers. This sweater should be the official uniform of 2020!

Feeling those Rasta vibes with Dreadlock Santa, you know he is making your holidays Lit!

Elvish version of The Beatles Abby Road album cover art…amazing holiday mashup of Christmas and music!

It’s always good to know someone who can get your name on the list…

This iconic 80’s movie is next level as an ugly sweater. Stay puffed marshmallow man and Slimmer do Christmas. This sweater could be busted out anytime in October and worn until the new year! One sweater that can take you from spooky season to holiday season.

Do or Do not, there is no TRY when it comes to holiday sweaters!

He may look like Old Kris Kringle, but the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, is more interested in the means of production than naughty or nice lists.

Naughty is the new nice…I can get behind that logic!

This is pop culture gem: cat, pizza, DJ set, and christmas in a digital wonderland…um, yes please! Meowy Christmas indeed.

For all you boxing day folks out there…also all you parents that are over Baby Shark (Doo-doo–doo) this sweater is a great way to be JAWLLY this holiday season.

Rocky IV, highly underrated Christmas classic. This sweater also would be a great for a laugh on Boxing day! 

Get “Yeti to party” and light up the scene with this fuzzy abominable snowman sweater!

 Here’s another one for my Gamers, shout out to all you Call of Duty fans. Let everyone know you paused the game to party!

Fancy yourself a Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?  This shirt is you logical gay apparel that you should don while enjoying hot beverage.  You’ll feel like a soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… 

This sweater is a pop culture gem. Happy Human Holiday from Rick and Morty, who would most certainly liven up any party in the universe. 

Harry Potter fans!  No matter what house you are in, this sweater will make you feel magical!  All the details make it perfect for full time use when the weather is cooler.

No one captures pure imagination like Willy Wonka.  I personally would wear this year round…instead of an everlasting gobstopper, I’d settle for everlasting sweater weather. 

 It all makes sense now…Santa gets around so fast because the Star Trek crew went back in time and gave him the teleportation technology.  May you live long & prosper Papa Noel. 

Mistletoe belt buckle built right into the shirt…what will they think of next?!

Deadheads rejoice! More merch for a jammin’ holiday.

Pretty sure I have seen everything now…Guns N Roses ugly holiday sweater! Please tell me it comes with an autographed photo of Axel wearing this! 

Another Step Brothers classic!  This sweater could also represent what you put on you wish list  😉 

Wasn’t just some magic that Frosty found in that old silk hat…but good old-fashioned Columbian snow! 

No matter what you choose to believe in, even if its Communism…I told you I had a sweater for that! As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the most inclusive, crazy, x-rated, inappropriate, and of course UGLY holiday sweater list. May you also spread the gift of laughter this holiday season and help other get there jollies 🙂

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