Must Have Items For Summer FUN

Whether you’re trying to have your Hawt Girl Summer, or just live your best life in the sunshine, there are a few items that you need to round it all out. I Have listed my top 16 things everyone should have to maximize their fun in the sun and get the most out of the outdoors this summer!

Fun fact about me, I try to hide form the sun. I basically treat myself like a Vampire. Big hats, rash guards, long sleeve tunic dresses, and personal shade are my BFF’s. I often get warm quickly and the direct sunlight will zap my energy and leave me sun drunk. I also hold tan lines for a long time and the contrast drives me bonkers, so I just opt out of it all together!

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1. Caftans. This traditional middle eastern garment is a great addition to the summer pool wardrobe. It is usually more full coverage and shapeless, but flattering at the same time. Caftans are a great cover up regardless of if you are poolside or lounging at home. The are comfortable and lightweight, the perfect compliment to a fabulous summer.

2. Cotton dress with pockets. Cotton is the ultimate summer fabric. Lightweight, breathable and easy to throw in the washer so you can have it ready to wear many times over. Enjoy wearing it at home as lounge wear or pair it with some cute shoes and fun hat, you are an instant summer sensation…with pockets!

3. Functional pool float. Not all swim floats are created equally. While some might look fun, they are not functional. I have found that the best style of inflatable float is the semi-submerged lounge chair with dual cupholders and handles. Great for linking up and keeping track of your items/drink.

4. Sunscreen. Don’t let the sun harsh your fun. These fun colored options make putting onsun block a work of art and a way to express yourself!

5. Bug spray bracelets. I personally fell like these help me keep those pesky skeeters away. And I tent to use two on my ankles and am good for the day usually.

6. Telephone chord hair ties. These are great to add some volume to a regular top knot. I also like that they have a great non slip grip, but do not pull and cause far less damage to your hair then the average elastic hair tie.

7. Waterproof stay put sandals. There are so many brands to consider, from the generic water shoe to a customized pair of Crocks. One of my favorite brands is KEEN. They are super durable, waterproof, and designed to give you arch support and over all comfort in an out of the water.

8. Hair/beard oil. Chlorine pools, salt water and the sunlight can all have a pretty harsh impact on your hair. Protect it from damage and enhance that natural shine with Caster Oil. I like to make my own mixture with hints of essential oil to give it a nice fragrance.

9. Pop-up net coverings for food. Summer tends to mean firing up the grill and having a BBQ. Cooking outdoors can attracted unwanted insects and put a damper on dining. Help keep the pests away with these lightweight netted coverings, that are easy to pack and store. No more swatting flies aways from salads and sides.

10. Corn on the cob holders. A bounty of fresh produce is one of the many perks of summertime. a popular saying I grew up hearing was “The corn should be knee high by the 4th of July”. Eating sweet corn at cookouts always makes me nostalgic. Just ‘cuz you’re having a hot girl summer doesn’t mean you should burn your fingers. Why not make the whole experience outright extra by adding some novelty corn on the cob holders. Classy throwback fun vibes.

11. Half umbrella shade area. Perfect for a multitude of summer events: kids sporting events, the swimming pool, local park, or a movie night in the back yard. I leave this in the trunk of my car “just in case” and it provides plenty of space for at least 4 adults. It is versatile and great to use for rain or shine!

12. Hydration backpack. There are endless brands that offer this water bottle/backpack hybrid. I have owned various ones over the years, some of my favorite brands for functionality and style were CamelBak and Vibedration. If you are looking to invest in one, I suggest going for at least a 2L bladder, and give yourself a few pockets/compartments for storage. Bonus for adjustable straps and D rings to hang items from. For longevity of the silicon bladder, make sure you wash and store it properly.

13. Cooling towels. These bad boys have saved me countless times. The temperatures tend to rise in the summer months along with the time spent doing outdoor activities. Cooling towels work instantly to lower your body temp and prevent overheating. Wet the towel, rap up a few ice cubes and place it around your neck. The material retains the water, but keeps it cool against your skin for a few hours. You can even tie it around your head and wear it as a hair accessory so you not only feel cool, you look cool too!

14. Water drinking bottle with mister. Who doesn’t love a good mash-up? This Frankenstein style invention is the best of both worlds. Prevent dehydration while keeping yourself cool with a burst of misted water every now-and-then. Complete with lock feature so you don’t accidently squirt yourself…Genius!

15. Waterproof lanyard bag for your phone. Swimming at the pool/beach, canoe trips, rafting adventures, water parks, boating adventures, thunderstorms. All very big traditions for summer fun. Don’t let water dampen your fun by ruining your cell phone. Make sure your mobile is protected so you can still snap pictures, record videos and make phone calls. Not only are these cases waterproof, they float and have a lanyard strap so you can hang it around your neck for easy access. Got to love that touch screen technology.

16. Rashguard swimwear. This style originally worn only by surfers and divers and has been a summer fashion trend for a few years now. These are typically made of 4 way stretch fabrics that block out a certain amount of UV rays to protect your skin. Rashguards are great for when you are spending long amounts of time in the water and don’t want to worry about constantly applying sunscreen, or are in a natural area that doesn’t allow the use of sunscreens, a rashguard is the perfect solution. I suggest ones that have a full zip front to get on and off easily, wet or dry.

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