Alternative Fashion Directory: Festival & Rave Clothing Brands, Custom Labels and Independent Design Houses

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Directory Post last updated February 6th, 2023.

Originally, this started out as a short post about my go-to online brands when shopping for rave and festival outfits…after doing some research and discovery, I quickly realized I was going down a fashion rabbit hole! Now it is a rockstar librarian style catalogue of all the dope brands I come across.

I belong to multiple festival and rave Facebook groups. One of the most common questions I see asked time and again is where to get alternative fashion online.  After a while of replying to posts with the same list of brands over and over, I decide to start making a structured directory. I went back and read through hundreds of comment threads and wrote down the brands that other people were frequently recommending. After collecting brand names I had seen constantly, I then did some independent research, which led me to discover a whole other world of fashion suppliers.

Fast forward three weeks of me scouring the internet, and I had managed to compile a detailed list of over 100 awesome fashion brands where you can find the hottest garments and accessories. The thought behind creating this list was selfishly to make my life easier the next time someone asked me, “What are good places to shop for crazy fun clothes online?” I could just send them a link with all this info like a pro. Long story short, I wrote this post in an effort to serve as a directory for various brands I have discovered over the years. Style & genre inclusive: Goth, Kawaii, Neon Western Wear and so, so many more!

The list is long and ever groing, so in an attempt at being unbiased, I will list brands in alphabetical order. Some brands are fast fashion, others are small businesses. That is why the links will vary in destination. Most will lead you to the brand website, a few others will direct you to Instagram or Etsy. Fun fact, I am an ambassador for some of these companies and I included my promo codes and discount links where ever you see #affiliate.

I plan to add to this list as new brands pop on my radar. Have a brand that you love or own a business that features alternative fashion and/or festival rave wear? Reach out to me to have it featured in this directory!

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*AliExpress: While this site can be overwhelming due to literary hundreds of thousands of items to search, it’s full of awesome things. Pros: low price. Usually ordering factory direct. Cons: can take a couple weeks to arrive. Large site, that can be hard to search through. Make sure to read the reviews and shared product pictures to make sure you are purchasing a quality item.


*Alien Outfitters: Badass baelien brand and Festival scene favorite. Great for everyday alt fashion, shoes and accessories.  Complete with a whole shopping area dedicated to vintage wears. Sizing available up to 4XL. Fun mix of throwback favorites with a little bit of sass. Great site to find random gifts and things to make your look out of this world. Use promo code: HONEYJAYNE to get 15% off! #affiliate

Alien Outfitters

*Altered Moon Art: Colorful original designs of digital artwork printed material.  Hoodies, sweat sets, pants and custom orders available. Women’s, Mens & unisex. Sizes run XS-5XL. Original artwork and prints also featured for sale.

Altered Moon Art

*Amazon: I think we have all heard of this online shopping conglomerate by now. The alluring 2-day or less free shipping is perfect for last-minute items, and they have an abundance of alternative clothing options for every event. It can be overwhelming, or hard to narrow down search options, so I have included my own Amazon list of Festival/Rave related things to make it that much easier for you all 🙂 Also, don’t sleep on Amazon handmade, so many talented artists that will craft one of a kind items. #affiliate


*AMI Clubwear: Club vibes, festival must haves and stylish items for everyday awesome outfits. Well organized site with large selections, including shoes, plus size, costumes and intimates. Get 60% off various departments using the following codes: HALLOWEEN60 LINGERIE60 DRESS60 HEEL60 THIGHHIGH60 #affiliate

AMI Clubwear

*Asos: Huge online platform carrying their own ASOS label and over 800 other brands offering clothing, shoes and accessories for women and men. Sizing includes, curvy, tall, maternity and petite options. Great one stop shop for all sorts of fashion.


*Astral Vision Designs: Custom, one of a kind items. Women, men, unisex. Detsiled size chart and selection of over 60 fabrics to choose from including trippy and patterned, solids, and burnout velvet. Lead time tends to be 3-6 months, so plan ahead for these badass threads.

Astral Vision Designs

*Atanadinata Design: Busy Etsy shop cranking out some trippy wearable art patterns that make you feel Wavy! Bodysuits, leggings/top sets, overalls, masks, pins and stickers. Great selection of pastels with a fun Kawaii vibe. 

Atanadinata Design


*B Fyne: Excellent selection of Carnival style meets African Queen. Sets, seperates, bodysuits, dresses, kaftans and swimwear. Bright colors with bold colors and fun designs inspired by nature.

B Fyne

*Badinka: Large collection of detailed, 3D printed bodysuits, catsuits and sets. Trippy, face melting designs along with great armor looks for costumes and cosplay. They also offer masks, towels, as well as individual pieces. Mostly for women, with a few items for Lads. Sizes run XS-2XL in most items.


*Bandelettes: This innovative brand saw a problem and solved it: CHUB RUB! Offering thigh garters and lace shorts that have you looking cool and feeling comfortable. Chafe no more with these products. 


*Bass Line Movement: Etsy shop doing big things. Trippy fabric prints and fun matching sets. 420 friendly products with a flare for putting colors together.

Bass Line Movement

*Bexi Apparel: PLUR vibe Tshirts, sequin & fringe accented Items, plus accessories. Womens and mens lines. Up to size 4x, with an option to sort by size! 

Bexi Apparel

*Black Milk Clothing: Aussie company serving up fresh twists on some classic garments like overalls, activewear and panty hose. Great selection of spooky, sassy, even licensed apparel like: Barbie, Super Mario, Pokemon, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Most clothing items up to 2XL. 

Black Milk Clothing

*Blue Gecko: Calling all Wooks and fairy folks. Tie dye wears, Harem pants, hoodies, tops, skirts and shorts. Soft cotton fabrics perfect for festivals.

Blue Gecko

*Blvucci: 3D graphic prints for all you 90’s fashion lovers. Track suits with color pop accents and clothes for everyday awesomeness. All clothes are done in a unisex style and run through size XS-3X.


*Bottle Blonde Studio: Fun fashion studio out of the UK. Probably most recognized for their variety of tinsel jackets & earrings available in various colors and lengths. As well as reworked vintage Denim jackets and funny tshirts, co-ords and hair accessories. Funny mugs and coaster sets and a bunch of other fun sparkle things. Perfect for being extra everyday! 

Bottle Blonde Studio

*BRASSYBRA: This brand has the boob tape that ladies love. 5 shades of skin tones,  sizes A-DDDD. Perfect for support, coverage and comfort while wearing your favorite rave top or ball gown.


*Brave By Bri: Tops and bottoms in sexy bathing suit styles meet going to the club. Playful designs, including patchwork, that are elevated and perfect for your next rave. 4 way stretch material fabric. Size XS-L on most items.

Brave By Bri

*Britts Blossoms: Cat and Mouse ears, fuzzy feather headbands, and stash earrings. LED flower crowns and tie-dye bucket hats, socks & tanks. Accessories for days! All handmade and perfect for your inner flowerchild.

Britts Blossoms

*Broken Promises: Lounge wear and comfy clothing with a twist. Collaboration with Santa Cruz and a unique collection of things like boxers and beauty products. Carries up to size 3X, and also has a kids line in addition to womens and mens.

Broken Promises


*Burnt Soul: A love for Lycra out of the UK. This brand focuses on individuality and producing sustainable Activewear and party wear.  Fully customizable catsuit and other garments. You chose the fabric combinations, back style, add sleeves, sizing, ect. Stock sizes run up to UK 20-22 and even carry options for children.

Burnt Soul


*Calypso: Trippy designs, offering flags, masks, sweatshirts, tanks, tops, bottoms, loads of accessories and customs. Great for all matching sets too. Sizes run XS-6X.


*Candy Catz: Vivid designs that are bright in color and creative. Full bodysuits and sets, featuring trippy patterns and 3D printing to really make your outfit come to life. Most sizes XS-2XL.

Candy Catz

*Celestial Oceanz: Sets, dresses, bucket hats, hoodies, joggers, robes, and home decor. Think Anime meets rave fairy. Vibrant colors, creative designs and unique styles perfect for everyday or a festival.

Celestial Oceanz

*Cervantes Rave Co.: Fun 4way stretch customs with reflective and trippy patterns. Sets, unique bralettes.

Cervantes Rave Co,

*Chrome Monarchy: Unique holographic costume pieces. Masks, collars, armor, wings, bras, garters belts…some even are reflective! Custom made to fit all sizes. Awesome for fun cosplay and taking your costume to the next level.

Chrome Monarchy

*Citi Trends: While this retailer has online shopping, this is my favorite store to browse in person for affordable festival wears for men, women & children. Street wear and playful fashion with great discount racks plus fun shoes, and an accessories selection that is legit.  Size inclusive, with Juniors and Plus sections of clothing.

Citi Trends

*Claire’s Boutique: The popular mall accessories store we all love from the 90’s. All your hair, jewelry, nail, and fashion item needs all in one great location. Cool accessories for home and office, and often running BOGO specials with a wide selection of sale items too.

Claire’s Boutique

*Coco Fields Boutique: Handmade slow fashion sets, bodysuits and swimwear that runs from size 6-12. Custom orders and sizing available. Style a mix of sexy rave babe meets late 90s fashion, with something in every color 

Coco Fields Boutique

*Coexist: This slow fashion label features Punk and Gothic styles from Berlin, Germany. Clothing and accessories for everyday alt fashion or your next festival or rave outfit. Plus sizing available up to 4x and custom fitting options as well.


*CoSM: Skirts, dresses, leggings, outerwear, and other screen printed apparel targeted more towards men. This brand also offers a large selection of accessories including bandanas, scarfs, hats, jewelry, patches, pins and bags. Sizes run XS-3XL.


*Cosmic Unicornz: Sequins, iridescent and glitter.. harnesses, chokers, colorful, iridescent. Tshirts, adjustable bralettes, skirts, scrunchies, and *Mystery Bundle*!

Cosmin Unicornz

*Coquetry Clothing: Custom clothing that caters to men, women, children and PETS! Playful and innovative designs for all custom sizes. Over 80 options of 4-way stretch fabric galore. They also offer a great rewards program. Awesome fashion that allows you to fully customize your garment…including adding pockets!

Coquetry Clothing

*Crazed Wear: Women’s and Men’s clothing, with trippy & colorful patterns. Cool bucket hats, and chain jewelry.  Order a *mystery bundle* of surprise items. Little grunge, little rave, lots of awesome.

Crazed Wear

*Cyber Dog: One of the longest running rave stores in the world, this UK brand focuses on Cybergoth and alternative fashion. Large selection of harnesses and LED accessories Cyber Dog has something for the whole family with Women’s, men’s & children’s clothing.

Cyber Dog

*Cyber Fyber: UK brand focused on total customization. Choose from over 100 bright patterned fabrics, including faux fur, mesh and lace, then pick your desired style and add your measurements!

Cyber Fyber


*Daft Boy: Huge selection of fans, cuffs and harnesses. Featuring reflective, glow and holographic finishes! Large collection of PRIDE items, pop culture and every holiday.

Daft Boy

*Daisy Daydreamz: Size inclusive that will make custom orders for any fit. Matching sets and fun designs that make this brand unique. Flattering styles for fuller figures and a great selection of patterns and textured fabrics to help you live your best rave life.

Daisy Daydreamz

*DEMONIA Cult: One of the most defining alternative footwear brands. Known best for their platform boots and metallic accent designs. Well made, comfortable for long wear and build to withstand the elements. This quality product holds a high resale value as well. 

Demonia Cult

*Depop: This website is similar to other resale website, where you can buy & sell your clothing. Basically an online thrift store. Large selection, ability to shop via app. Seems to be a great place when sourcing those 90s looks or trying to track down a favorite clothing item from the past.


*Devil Walking: Selection of catsuits for women, children and men. Full coverage costume suits with detailed 3D printed graphics. Trippy, futuristic patterns set off playfully designed hoodies and hoodie dresses. Great selection for colder weather events. Goes up to size 2XL.

Devil Walking

*Devilish: Alternative fashion design of harnesses, chokers, leg & arm warmers, hair accessories, berets, bunny hoods, clothing and more. Great site for completing punk, bondage, rave and cosplay looks.


*Diosa by Seco: Elevated sets that have sparkle, fringe and tons of bright colors. Hoodies with coordinating pants/shorts and chaps for her & him. All these wears are crafted artful designs.

Diosa by Seco

*Disco Disiac: Great accessories brand serving up fuzzy hats, tops, chains, chokers, glasses, earrings, belts, jackets, and even water bottle holders. All with a Disco flavor. Custom orders available with 3 week turn around.

Disco Disiac

*Disco Freak: Shorts, asymmetrical tops, high waisted bottoms, face masks and casual wear. Metallic finished spandex fabrics and Iridescent accessories. Sizes run XS-L. Custom creations available and welcome!

Disco Freak

*Disco Lemonade: Intoxicating sparkle festival dresses, disco sets, fairy sleeves and shawls. Detailed sequined designed fabric, that is feminine and fierce. Also fun spandex sets.. Custom sizing available & size inclusive.

Disco Lemonade

*Disguise The Limit: Funky and fun costume shop offering wears and accessories for festivals, steampunk, pride and more. 3 day shipping in US, with brick and mortar in Santa Rosa California.

Disguise The Limit

*Diverse Design Clothing: Coordinating sets, fun cut outs, and Chaps. Skirt sets, short sets, and flare sets. Swimwear and unitards. The list of offerings is long! Perfect to dress up for a girls night out, to shaking it at a rave, this brand offeres a wide variety of coverage options. Sizes UK4-16.

Diverse Design Clothing

*Dr Martens: These boots justify their price point because the provide unmatched durability. While they can take a bit to break in, they are built to endure the test of time. Available in an insane amount of colors, textures & finishes.

Dr. Marten

*Dub Luv: Mens & Women’s clothing & accessories, that feature fun graphic spandex sets and tank tops/shorts sets also. Perfect for coordinating those matching couples outfits!

Dub Luv


*Easy Tiger: Fun Denim mashups and over-the-top sequin sets. They use high quality fabric designed to last, and plant five trees per order. Goes up to size 16UK. 

Easy Tiger

*Eat Sleep Rave: Neon motocross sets with fun modern designs. Great clothing peices that are must Haves in ever rave closet. Lots of Biker shorts & fun cut tops.

Eat Sleep Rave

*Electric Couture Dolls: Fun scrunchies, a reflective collection, fun print metallic sets, and other outfit choices for a feminine touch.

Electric Couture Dolls

*Elysian Aura Arts: Fun accessories site with laser cut acrylic DJ and festival symbols as chain necklaces and fluffy earrings. Also, cute critter fur ears with glitter.

Elysian Aura Arts

*Epic Cosplay: Wigs! All lengths and colors. Hundreds of choices. Options for lace front to extensions. They even offer a full tutorial on how to select the perfect color for your skin tone, how to measure your head to ensure a proper fit and how to cute an wear a lacefront wig.

Epic Cosplay

*Etsy: This oasis of handmade and custom products is a godsend for anyone wanting a one-of-a-kind look.  Support small businesses and work directly with artists to commission personalized pieces for you & your crew!


*Euphoric Rave Wear: Fun 4 way stretch materials featuring bottoms, tops, sets, bodysuits and fun fringe accents for Women & Men. Custom designs and sizes available. Stock sizes run XXS-XXL.

Euphoric Rave Wear


*Fabulous Me: Large selection of clack fans, complete with fan holsters.  Nice range of accessories with earplugs, body harnesses and face masks. Also features clothing for men like leggings, and funny tank tops, with sizes ranging from XS-XXL.

Fabulous Me

*Fan Daddies: Awesome fans, and fan accessories, like holsters. LGBTQ+ brand featuring colorful graphics and funny play on words, and of course pride! Custom designs welcome.

Fan Daddies

*FashioNation: Vixens & Angles: This shop is a brick and mortar out of Denver, Colorado. They feature awesome selection of shoes like Dr. Martens and DEMONIA, for women, men and children. Tons of accessories like jewelry, belts and ears. Everything for that rock star lifestyle.

FashioNation: Vixens & Angles

*Fashion Nova: Big website with over 2,000 matching sets, something in every color…curve category with option to search a Tall selection too! Very sporty meets club, with a mix of 70’s, 70’s & 90’s.

Fashion Nova

*Festival Gal Store: Innovative design styles that use 4way stretch materials. Chap sets, bodysuits, tops,  bottoms, sets and bikinis. Bright color combinations will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Styles available in over 15 different patterns. Custom sizing available. Stock size XS-L.

Festival Gal Store

*Festy Besty: Cool combat boot, long-sleeved T-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. Some matching sets, and fun Bodysuits.  Tie-Dye and sassy graphics.

Festy Besty

*Five And Diamond: Future forward fashion house with a brick in mortar in San Francisco. Women’s, men’s and plus size fashion offerings. Super large selection of black and jewel tone solids. Mix of lightweight fabrics and leather. Perfect for everyday edge to your outfits or dancing in the dusty desert. 

Five And Diamond

*Flashing Blinky Lights: All the LED and light up glow accessories. Horns, hats, necklaces, rings, boas, wands and more!

Flashing Blinky Lights

*Flat House Press: Great custom screen printing company that has cool effects like: puff, color shifting, glow in the dark and UV reactive. Eco friendly Headbands, hats & tees. Sizes run XS-XL.

Flat House Press

*Flow Toys: All things Flow Art. Poi, staff, levitation wands, whips, balls and clubs. They even have day time props, martial arts items and toroflux. Great selection of LED items for all circus arts performers. Also have an app to help with programming.

Flow Toys

*Fluffy Wuffy: Fluffy faux fur boots in a comfy Ugg style slip on. Also features a wedged heel design. Literally comes in all the colors and even a few pattern options. Great for staying warm and looking cool. They also offer fluffy scarves as well as ears & tail sets.

Fluffy Wuffy

*Free The Spirit: Canadian company offering new & pre-loved rave and festival fashion. Robes, dusters, rave bras, gypsy skirts, tops, bottoms & accessories. Most items are one offs, so don’t wait to snatch them up.

Free The Spirit

*Freedom Rave Wear: Fun & trippy graphic patterned fabric sets, and constant collaborations with other artists. Nice selection of accessories to complete any look. Splashed of reflective designs, bright colors and fun mesh accented pieces.

Freedom Rave Wear

*Fringe & Co.: Fabulous sequined caftans and statement head wraps. Tinsel jackets and funny graphic T-shirts.  This shop has a great variety of sparkle that you can rock everyday or out to a festival or a rave. 

Fringe & Co

*Frisk Me Good: All handmade & upcycled. Streetwear and editorial pieces. Think corsets made of sneakers!

Frisk Me Good

*Foguelina: This label is out of Berlin, Germany and serves up some seriously awesome harnesses and alternative accessories like vinyl boleros and neckties on their Etsy store. All colors available including pastels, jewelry tones, patterns even holographic and neon materials. 


* This site has all the cartoon, comic book and Disney accessories. Movies, TV shows, video games and sports. Apparel, accessories, costumes, toys/collectables and even home goods. Size inclusive, for men, women and childrens clothing. Great for festivals, gifts and novelty items. Use this link to get free shipping over $65 #affiliate.

*Funki B Clubwear: The Etsy shop is full of Faux fur. Glorious coats, shrugs, and booties. They also craft lace & fishnet accents on tops, bodysuits.

Funki B Clubwear


*G_irl In Real Life: Super colorful brand offering up Kawaii and LGBTQ Lisa Frank vibes. Sizes range from XS-3XL.

G_irl In Real Life

*Galactic Federation of Light: Original reflective graphics and designed for comfort sweat sets, shirts, shorts and accessories. Show off your “Light Worker” status with their clothing that promotes positivity and unity. Most items available in size S-XXL.

Galactic Federation Of Light

*Get Braidified: This is a great online source for all your festival hair braid needs. They have 48″ and 60″ extensions in ALL the colors, including tinsel and ombres. You can also purchase a variety of charms and piercings to accessorize your hair even further.

Get Braidified

*Girl On A Vine: Velvet, lace, fringe and festival femme. High end festival fashion that features a major selection of velvet gypsy boho vibe clothing and accessories. This brand is definitely an investment in bohemian Stevie Nicks style. Bell bottoms, full length kimonos and tie dye t-shirts. Sizes XXS-XL.

Girl On A Vine

*Give Me Plur: large selection of Pasties, sets, bodysuits, catsuits,  dresses, string bikinis, body stickers & face jewels, various fishnets & tights,

Give Me Plur

*Glitter Romance: Multiple items in the same color scheme/patterns to easily mix and match sets. Peekaboo tops, rave booty bottoms, and bodysuits. Sizes XS-M. Shipping out of UK.

Glitter Romance

*Glitter Trove: Made to order creations. Fringe/chain harnesses, sequin vests, hats, jackets and bandanas. Fun themed cardigan sweaters and acrylic jewelry. Acrylic jewel chain tops and skirts. 

Glitter Trove

*GloFX: Flow toys, refraction glasses, space whips, levitation wands, gloves and so many more LED festival and rave items.


*Glowsource: As the name implies, this company has everything LED and GLOW to light up your world. Hats, eyewear, Decorations, jewelry, pool accessories and so much more. Some of the best prices I have ever found, wholesale available & world wide shipping. Option to shop by color. Definitely check them out before your next event. Use code: FIRSTVISIT10 for 10% off your first order. #affiliate

Glow Source

*Gorgeous Nightmare: Size inclusive clothing with plus size up to 3x, and also XL Pasties offering 4″ of coverage. Line of Lingerie, legwraps and fingerless gloves. Full body harnesses, including holographic winged harnesses, along with a versatile face mask selection.  Save 10% with code: HONEYJAYNE #affiliate

Gorgeous Nightmare

*Goth B B: Alternative dark clothing style and accessories for Goth, pastel goth, Lolita, cosplay, k-pop and more. Boots, heels and Mary Jane shoe selection. 

Goth B B

*Gothic Lamb: This shop hits the spot for all your Gothic graphic T needs. Spooky fonts and sassy sayings make this brand a great fit for anyone looking to add to their punk anesthetic or witchy wardrobe. 

Gothic Lamb

*Ground Score: Cloaks, kimonos, joggers, shorts, enamel pins, shirts and sets. Trippy festival designs and crafted with comfort in mind. Men’s and women’s apparel, sized up to 2XL.

Ground Score


*Harness Me Designs: Elastic harnesses. Bras, garters, cage leggings, shorts, full body designs, and sets. Lots of color choices. Sizes go from XS-5XL in women’s. Custom orders welcome!

Harness Me Designs

*Hartland Hippie Shop: The Etsy shop specializes in stylish ways to keep you warm on those cold festival nights. Cloaks/coats/kimonos of those awesome woven blankets. Various lengths and patterns, these are a great addition to layering to stay warm. 

Hartland Hippie Shop

*Hellcat Eyewear: Next level laser cut sunglasses.  Colorful and super creative designs that make sure you get seen.  Definitely unique eyewear, with a playful goth twist. 

Hellcat Eyewear

*Hemp by Steph: Eclectic collection of all things crochet. Shirts, ponchos, purses and so much more. LGBTQIA inclusive brand with psychedelic aesthetic and all the good vibes. 

Hemp By Steph

*Honeiibeth: All the harnesses in every color and theme. Garters, pasties, sets and other accessories to set off any rave look! Size up to 3XL. 


*Honey Birdette: Sexy, sturdy lingerie and swimwear. Supportive bras that help secure the girls while dancing around.  Multiple solid color sets, strong femme designs that give satin bondage goddess vibes.

Honey Birdette

*Honey Jayne USA: Disclaimer, this is my brand! Focused on clothing for fuller figures and a love of spandex. All items are one of a kind. Some signature accents include: glow in the dark, reflective, and bedazzled elements. Specializing in festival hats, pasties, sunglasses and upcycled clothing. Use discount code: HONEYJAYNE for 20% off!

Honey Jayne USA

*Hot Topic: The tried and true cornerstone mall store we all know and grew up with. Punk/Goth vibes, all the Manic Panic hair colors, band merchandise and fun gifts/collectors items. Clothing for her and him. Size inclusive with Plus selection that runs to 5x.

Hot Topic


*I Heart Raves: Mens and Women’s clothing. Great selection of shoes and boots, including DEMONIA & YRU. Large selection of accessories, LEDs and fans. This site offers a large selection of rave sets and festival clothing staples. Save 10% with code HONEYJAYNE #affiliate

I Heart Raves

*iEDM: Men’s & Women’s clothing & swimwear. Large selection of 3D printed clothing items for cooler weather, like Hoodie dresses with matching pants sets!  Bold colors & pattern options.


*Intergalactic Couture: Clothing and accessories for your intergalactic self. Tie dye, hoodies, rave sets along with masks and kimonos. Iridescent and holographic finishes with reflective accents. Most clothing items made custom to size.

Intergalactic Couture

*Into The AM: Large selection of graphic and all over print T-shirts, tanks & hoodies. Dashed with some shorts, joggers and hat accessories. Great place for Unisex/Men’s festival and rave apparel options.

Into The AM

*Ivy & Stone: New Zealand Brand making disco shorts, pixie tops, skater skirts, bikini and asymmetrical tops. With over 20 fun printed 4 way stretch fabrics and reverable options this brand is great for custom designs.

Ivy & Stone


*Jackalope Land: Over the top sparkle! Dreamweavers of bespoke costumes and finery from a fantasy realm.  Jumpsuits, corset bodysuits, leather jacket, and boots. Sequins, rhinestones, holographic, and iridescent. Harness featured sets, and fringe accented pieces. Elevated and glamorous cowgirl vibes!

Jackalope Land

*Jazzy Garms: Unique reflective patterns combined with outfits designed to stand out. With a focus on sustainable fashion, Jazzy Garms even offers a Zero Waste collection that features pieces made from recycled scraps. Custom sizing available.

Jazzy Garms

*Jemini’s Bazaar: Tops, bottoms, kimonos, skirts, dresses, swimwear, bodysuits, overalls and hoodies. Customize by choosing your base garment, then pick what fabric you would like. Trippy designs, bright colors that are reasonably priced and most sizes go up to 2XL.

Jemini’s Bazaar

*Johnathan Singer Art: Amazing trippy art and detail prints on clothing, including skirts, shorts, hoodies, tanks, and kimonos. Also have accessories and Hoe decorations. Women, men and children’s options. Sized up to 2XL in choice garments. 

Johnathan Singer Art

*Judy & Madeleine: Etsy store with great selection of crystal fashion like jewelry, crowns, combs and other headpieces. Custom orders available.

Judy & Madeleine


*Kandi Toy Box: Steller Etsy shop with everything made from pony beads and perlers. Intricate cuffs, harnesses, belts/skirts and so much more! Custome orders welcome. 

Kandi Toy Box

*Katty Kloset: IG account that is a great place to scoop up previously loved rave/Festival pieces & sets for a bargain. Most items under $10. 

Katty Kloset

*Katalyst: Handmade, custom fit-to-order dance and rave wear. Great use of trippy prints with reflective accents for clothes and body stickers. Also, this brand features compression shirts and Rave Kilts for men…something I had never seen until now! 


*Kate Knows: Clothes for her, him & couples sets. Size inclusive up to 3x. Offering Kimonos, bomber jackets, hoodies, neck gators, and leggings/joggers. Bright colors and fun pattern mashups. 

Kate Knows

*KAYO Anime Clothing: Brick & Mortar location in SF offering tribal, fringe and macrame designs. Darker colors choices that are great to accent any outfit. Bra tops, shorts, leggings, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and accessories including festival utility belts. Options for Women & Men, sizes run small to X-Large.

KAYO Anime Clothing

*Keen: Boots, shoes, and sandals perfect for walking anywhere. Some of their best selling sandals have a closed front design to protect your toes in a crowd. Fun patterns and innovative designs that look fun and fashionable. 


*Kelsey KO: Great selection of harnesses and accessories from bedazzled sunnies to fully decorated captains hats. Oil slick and sequin clothing options, along with spirit hoods and reversible bandanas.

Kelsey KO

*Kikimora Fashion: Etsy shop pumping out awesome custom bodysuits, costumes and masks. Extremely creative designs with unique features you don’t see in most brands. Cosplay, Cirque du Soleil and Burning Man vibes. These outfits and accessories are next level. 

Kikimora Fashion

*Killstar: Spooky vibes and Gothic glam. Something to make your dark light shine. Clothing and accessories for witches & warlocks.


*Konane Wild Craft: Bell sleeved sequin kimonos, reversible shrugs, and fun sequin jewelry and accessories. Large holographic and iridescent sequins to help you stand out from the crowd.  

Konane Wild Craft

*Kritter Klips: All the furry ears your heart desires. Bears, kitten, pierced, colorful, pride and cartoon characters.  They even have options for tails. 

Kritter Klips


*Lilac Milk Co: Creative clay designs and truly innovative color combinations. Fun dangle accents with rhinestones and metallic accents. Great for anyone looking for quality handmade earrings that catch the eye. 

Lilas Milk Co

*Lit Unicorns: Fabulous lace front wigs and poney tail extensions. Options include 44″ long wigs, Human hair, unicorn colors and even GLOW in the dark.

Lit Unicorns

*Little Black Diamond: Geared towards opening up your fashion Chakra, this site boasts hippie vibes with boho and festival looks. Fun variety of accessories like pony tails, jewelry, crystals and sunglasses. Lots of awesome collaborations with other strong brands on this list. This site carries a little bit of everything for someone looking for a variety of styles in one place.

Little Black Diamond

*Liquid dreams: Yoga shorts, tapestries, fans and clothing wears for women & men. Options to shop by art style. Sizes run through 2XL. 

Liquid Dreams

*LOM Fashion: Fabulous catsuits and bodysuits, mostly available with fringed sleeves. Fun bold graphic printed shirts and hoodies that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Statement necklaces, chokers and harnesses. Size inclusive up to 2x in stock.

LOM Fashion

*Love Khaos: This brand has a total flare for all things holographic, leather, fringe and feathers. Featuring bold silhouettes and sharp tailoring these pieces push the boundaries of fashion. Clothing for him, her and also a gender fluid line.

Love Khaos

*Lunchbox Hydration Pack: Know for their anti theft design & changeable skins, Lunchbox packs level up your festival experience. Comes with 2L bladder, safty whistle, loops designed to hold a string of EL wire…included in your purchase!

Lunchbox Hydration Pack

*Lux Muse: Awesome rave outfits for theydies and amazing custom coats! One of a kind designs that are tailored to your colors, interests and vibe. 

Lux Muse

*The Lyte Couture: Sassy little Etsy store making some beautiful outfits. Size inclusive slow fashion that makes adorable sets, with fun tie accents & cutouts.

The Lyte Couture


*Mahem Spandex: One-off spandex catsuits for women and men. Unique cutouts, mesh panels and tailored lines make these designs original and perfect for any festival. Also wide selection of headdresses and cool visors, all ethically handmade.

Mahem Spandex

*Majestic: Lovely garters and chokers with flair. Create custom garters that you can add Charms and choose choose colors/style. Size inclusive. 


*Marina Fini: Innovative Acrylic accessories designed to make any look fabulous. Full of color and thoughtfully crafted. Available in a few brick and mortar locations, and custom orders welcome. 

Marina Fini

*Mood Kandi: Amazing Kandi and Perler bead artist! Custom cuffs, fused charm necklaces, fun chain belts and masks. LGBTQ+ friendly and super PLUR vibes. 

Mood Kandi

*Moody Rainbow: This brand is slow fashion, handmade in California. Their lines feature women’s, mens and unisex clothing in fun material patterns and design elements and is size inclusive up to 3X.

Moody Rainbow

*Mountain Girl Clothing: Cool hoodies made from tapestries and pashminas. Shirts, tank tops, robe jackets, headwraps, masks, leggings, trucker hats, and even baby clothes! Also, they offer all the wears for the Dead Head in your life.

Mountain Girl Clothing

*My Little Halo: Punk rock awesomeness meets spandex metallics. These Rockstar styles are next level leggings. Pockets, studs and corset laced accents make these pants pop. 

My Little Halo

*Mythical Merch: Awesome collection of enamel pins! Over 200 designs that are Trippy, featuring your favorite bands, cartoon characters and Disney princesses doing crazy things.

Mythical Merch

*My Willows: Retro frames paired with dangle behind the ear chains that add style to your sunnies. Chains are weighted with hand chosen crystals that double as an elongated earring look.

My Willows

*Mystique Apparel: Canadian company serving up some awesome rave babe vibes for all shapes and sizes. Buy Mystery Boxes, bucket hats, various sleeves and bodysuits. Colorful designs, trippy patterns made of 4 way stretch fabric. Sized up to 2XL in stock, and they offer the ability to customize your item & sizing with over 70 fabric choices!

Mystique Apparel

*Mystic Fables Leather: Face masks, shoulder holster, pocket bags, leg bags, cuffs and wallets all beautifully crafted and embellished with precious stones and metallic accents. 

Mystic Fables Leather


*Nasty Gem: Punk rock vibes, with all the spikes you can handle! Chokers, bags, bracelets & earrings.

Nasty Gem

*Neon Cowboys: A place for all your country rave and space cowboy clothing! Reppin’ an inclusive & diverse American culture, this brand offers light up Cowboy hats, boots and other incredibly unique GLOW items. Great for cow print & Cactus apparel needs!

Neon Cowboys

*Neva Nude: Appeal, Pasties, body stickers and shoe wings. Lost of glitter. Holographic and reflective elements, with a large selection of designs.

Neva Nude

*Nixi Killick: Serving up Lisa Frank rave vibes. Original artwork & designs that are futuristic and fun. Everything from outerwear, clothing and all the accessories. Options for women, men and children. Bold color patterns and full coverage options. 

Nixi Killick

*Nomad Kandi: Kandi kids rejoice! This Etsy shop has page after page of laser cut accessories in ever color. They offer customized items that can be easily personalized for you and your festi bestie. 

Nomad Kandi

*Nomadic Clothing: Fringe, bright colors and lots of fun movement. Sets, sleeves and separates. Clothing sizes S-L. Custom jewelry options available. 

Nomadic Clothing


*Ota-Q: Kawaii & Pastel Goth gold mine. Couture cuteness overload. Clothes for Japanese fashion enthusiasts of all sizes.



*Pandorika Designs: Tie dye awesomeness for all tastes. Festival and everyday wear items for women, men and children. Plus sized selection that carries 3-4X. Clothing, headbands, robes, tapestries, jewelry, mystery packs and even custom vinyl designs available.

Pandorika Designs

*Pastease: The main focus is reusable, comfortable, sensual Pasties for every mood, occasion and theme. This is not your average nipple cover site. They offer hundreds of styles in various sizes of coverage. Also available are chain accessories to further customize your boob stickers for a unique chest look. Coverage runs from half an inch (XS) to 3″ (L).


*Patekitty: Hand painted, super detail oriented Denim jackets, vests and festival hats, most with UV/blacklight reactive features.  Accented with rhinestones, spikes and fun personal touches. Size inclusive and available for custom commissions. Contact for custom styling sessions available in the Sacramento area.  

Pate Kitty

*Peridot Clothing: Spandex and holographic clothing for men, women and children. Body harnesses and fringe harness skirts. Sale shop organized by size (xs-2x). All fully customizable with approximately 100 fabric options.

Peridot Clothing

*Planet Apex Clothing: Lovely linear spandex bodysuits, catsuits, tops, and bottoms coming from the UK. Fun color-blocking sweatshirts and joggers. Notable designs that set you apart from the crowd. 

Planet Apex Clothing

*Planet Disco: Fun rave sets and separates, 4-way stretch material and fun accents like jump rings and chains. Carries up to size 2X in most items. 

Planted Disco

*Play Gear: Colorful custom wigs, Playboy Bunny and Bratz printed designs. Sporty velour sets and fun accessories, like ski masks and purses.

Play Gear

*Plurthlings: Men’s (unisex) fashion label with trippy 3D graphic printed designs and sacred geometry. Vibrant colors and patterns. Hoodies, joggers, tanks, masks and hats. Up to size 3XL.


*Poshmark: Buy and sell second hand fashion easily through this site and app. Ability to shop by brand and negotiate price, this site is useful for finding all kinds of sold out fashion trends. 


*Pretty In Punq: Sets, skirts, tops. Great for pink outfits, fun black and white clothing and a feminine punk spin on festival and rave outfits.

Pretty in Punq

*Prism Kisses: Fun metallic and sparkle sets & separates. Innovative designs, like butterfly top, full chaps and shorts with garters. Bikini and peekaboo tops. Most items sized up 2XL.

Prism Kisses

*Psychedelic Cactus: Your headquarters for all your stash scrunchy needs. Perfect accessory to match all your outfits.

Psychedelic Cactus


*Radioactive Brands: Selection of Light up items and custom options for Jerseys, camp/scout shirts, masks, snap backs and hoodies and even neon signs! Sizes run up to 2XL. 

Radioactive Brands

*Rage Nation: Awesome, detailed graphic clothing for men and women. Along with unique t-shirt and jogger designs, they boast outerwear, jewelry, sports bras, jerseys, pashminas, hats, skateboards and home decor. Great for layering and colder events. Use code HONEYJAYNE #affiliate

Rage Nation

*Rage On: 3D, all over print hoodies, button down hawaiian shirts, ugly sweaters, and matching sets. Fun stickers/car decals, and home decor.

Rage On

*Rave After Rave: Everyday wears like hoodies, joggers, and T-shirts. Fun color coordinated rave sets with chain embellishments and playful lines. Dresses and Bike short options too. 

Rave After Rave

*Rave and Dance Wear: Sexy aesthetic that caters to exotic dancers and brands itself as “Hoe Couture”. Featuring handmade micro bikinis, bodysuits, heels, lingerie and skirt sets. Sizes run from XS-4XL. Save 10% off with the code: Subscribe10 #affiliate

Rave and Dance Wear

*Rave Bae Couture: Fun sets and body suits. Playful wet look metallics with buckles & ties a-plenty. Also carry full J. Valentine line in addition to other collaborations. Gret for detailed rave sets and accessories.

Rave Bae Couture

*Rave fix: Sexy costumes and wide selection of rave wear. Lingerie, bodysuits, separates and sets. Holographic and wet look fabrics take these looks to the next level. Most sizes run S-L.

Rave Fix

*Rave With Mi Gente: Hot shorts, fun bottoms & wrap bikini tops, sets, and sport tops. Fun harnesses, pasties, and chokers. Eye-catching prints, lots of spandex, mesh and wet look leather.

Rave With Mi Gente

*Rave Wonderland: In addition to a full website, they also have a brick & mortar in LA. Great selection for both women and men.  Large selection of shoes and platform boots.  All the rave accessories: LEDs, eyewear, jewelry, harnesses, makeup and bags. Size inclusive to 3X.

Rave Wonderland

* Tons of festival and DJ flags. Also option to custom make different sized flags. Cool way to pimp out your campsite or wear as a cape.

*Rolita Couture: Size inclusive, self branded with “Sexy has no size”. They have funky laser cut belts and jewelry that compliments a collection of mix n’ match strappy/cutout sets. This brand features 420 friendly designs.

Rolita Couture

*Romwe: Fast fashion offering a large selection of 90’s/y2k clothing styles, swimsuits, and accessories.  Activewear, dresses and sweatshirts. Options for womens and mens outfits. Ships worldwide and carries up to size 2XL.



*Say Less Custom: One of a kind custom/personalized denim vests and jackets with a two week turn around time.  Also offers a large assortment of graphic/Trippy leggings, joggers, skirts, shorts, bikinis, bags, enamel pins and housewares. Leggings run XS-2XL, most other bottoms are size Large only. Bikinis run S-5XL.

Say Less Custom

*Scummy Bears: Clothing for the dark side of raving! Trippy melting designs and punk graphics. Jerseys, cloaks, and creative hoodies. Options for Men’s and Women’s fashion. Size inclusive up to 2X for most items.

Scummy Bears

*Sea Dragon Studio: Comfortable and fun holographic festival wear. Offers XL and custom sizing! Womens and Mens looks. Most notable are their colorful bomber jackets and the fact most pieces come in over 10 color choices, perfect for coordinating group outfits!

Sea Dragon Studio

*Sequin Emporium: UK based Etsy shop pumping out some serious sparkle. Bomber jackets, blazers, shirts, and bumbags. Items for women, men & children, custom orders welcome. 

Sequin Emporium

*She Has Evolved: Super sexy fashion trends for everyday or any festival. Elevated designs and unique styles. Super boss babe and bad bitch vibes.

She Has Evolved

*Shein: Definitely fast fashion, but one of the more budget friendly options for sourcing some funky garments. Men’s, Women’s & children’s options for apparel are aplenty. Double check your measurements and the size charts before ordering. Pro tip, Get creative with your search keywords. #affiliate.


*Shop B Glittz: Fun, snarky play on corporate logos for tank tops. Lots of fringe accents.  Matching sets, gloves & stockings. Laser cut Jewelry, metal belts & harnesses. Bedazzled bucket hats. Retro upcycled tshirt bikinis.

Shop B Glittz

*Shroom Beach: Obsessed with psychedelics this brand uses a lot of mushroom focused designs that trip you out by looking at them.  Featuring a full line of reflective Mushroom clothing for women and men, and nice selection of baseball hats, and beanies. Use promo code HONEYJAYNE for 15% off your order! #affiliate

Shroom Beach

*Skidz: This is an old school brand, that was born from wanting comfort and style. Best known for their elevated scrub pant styles, they also offer hats, tops and shorts. Fun and trippy patterns, perfect for fests or just living your best life. 


*Snag Tights: Tights from size 4-36. Fishnets, graphics, patterns, every solid color, mock garters and even chub rub shorts! They even carry options for kids. 

Snag Tights

*Sound Waves Co: Etsy shop with merch, clothing and bags for different festivals and DJs. Funny 420 graphic Tshirts and cool accessories.

Sounds Waves Co

*Sparklefide: Awesome Etsy shop featuring a spandex collection of fun fringe shrugs, leg covers and even LED wedding dresses! Catchy use of metallics and neon colors.  Creative, and unique hand made pieces that will certainly get you noticed in a crowd. 


*Spirithoods: Faux fur coats, hoods, blankets, shawls and robes. Some LED options as well. Options for womens and mens, up to size XXL.


*Spvce Island: Cool line of festival clothes and super colorful platform boots, fur coats, and corsets. They even have holo, iridescent, rainbow, and chain harnesses. Hoodies, shirts. Bodysuits,  chokers and goggles. Pretty much all the things!

Spvce Island

*State Of Disarray: This UK brand has a unique selection of animal hoods, costume onesies and jumpsuits. They also offer steller bomber jackets with sequined accents and holographic hoodies with colorful fabric combos. Innovative designs sprinkled with sparkles and imagination.

State Of Disarray

*Suspex: Edgy statement brand of sustainably Handmade bikinis and ravewear. Sizes from XS-XL.


*Sweet N Spicy The Label: Formerly “Pretty Little Plurmaid” this brand is stocked with sets, head scarves, hats, little bikinis, and masks.  Lots of matching/ coordinating pieces.

Sweet N Spicy

*Sykadelic Dreams: All the clothing options for women, men and children. Hoodies, leggings, swimwear, kimonos, masked shirts, tapestries and towels. Up to size 2XL. Awesome artist collaborations with all over graphic designs and sacred geometry prints. 

Sykadelic Dreams

*Syzygy: Staple solids, fun lines and designs. Great sets and use of 4way stretch and mesh materials. Up to size 2X in most items.



*Tara Khorzad: UK brand keeping playfulness alive! Funky color pop patterns that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.  Lounge wear, swimsuits, sets, dresses and all-in-one outfits.

Tara Khorzad

*Tasteful Girl: Stock size inclusive up to 2x and made to order services available. Matching sets, skirts, dresses, some really funky fun bodysuits. Trippy & glam. selection of various cut tops & bottoms available in all basic colors, perfect staples for any festival wardrobe.

Tasteful Girl

*Telepakik Creations: Custom harnesses, sleeves, bottoms, bodysuits, skater skirts and more. Lots of 4 way stretch metallic and velvet pieces. Also has mystery box purchases available.

Telepakik Creations

*Teva: This footwear is great for functionality. Sizing for women, men & kids. Adjustable straps, various designs and they stay secure on your feet in and out of water. Thicker, comfortable soles make these sandals great for hiking and events with a lot of walking. 


*That New Label: Fabulous fashion from Down Under. Bright and eye catching fabrics from spandex bodysuits to lounge wear track sets. However, the real show stopper are the fur coats. A colorful mash-up of sequins and faux fur. Over the top designs that are amazing wearable works of art!

That New Label

*The Black Temple: Outerwear, customizable graphic options, lots of oil spill and metallic prints. Fishnets, sequins & crochet! Rock n Roll vibes with innovative design. Statement pieces and accessories to show off your dark side. Clothing options for women and men and a nice selection of spoon pendants.

The Black Temple

*The Fairies Pyjamas: Sweet should holsters, clothes of mostly organic cotton, designs for elvish creatures, cosplay, flow and festival fashion. Leaf skirts and accessories, tie dye and cargo shorts with fun details.

The Fairies Pyjamas

*The Pop Icon: Light up lollipops on a lanyard. Refillable sucker candy in a variety of flavors. Various color options available, as wells as LED lanyards and LED pins to elevate your style. Nice alternative to a pacifier/hard candies.

The Pop Icon

*The Rave Box: Clothing up to size 3X and lots of accessories and hydration packs. Shop single items or prder one of their mystery boxes and let them surprise you with fun outfits picked just for you. They also feature a brick & mortar store in LA, as well as rent a rave van for parties on the go and styling parties.

The Rave Box

*The Rave Kulture Kreations: This brand showcases items for you hair and face. Braided clip in hair extensions and hair bundles. Tinsel, pony beads and charm accents. Available in multiple colors and themes like pride, 420, and Galaxy. Good selection of lashes and makeup also.

The Rave Kulture Kreations

*This Is Fairy Love: Colorful spandex bodysuits with metallic accents and chevron design. Fringe sleeves and pieces with movement. Striped playsuits and leotards, sparkling fairy wings, headdress and statement captains coats.

This Is Fairy Love

*Thistle & Spire: Beautiful bras, underwear and bodysuits. Mesh base with detailed embroidered designs. Sexy for under everyday clothes or living your beat rave life. Up to size 3X and F cup.  

Thistle & Spire

*Threaded Roots Creations: Awesome Etsy shop with crochet collection of wearable art. Shorts, bikinis and stash pendants. Other wears like 4 way stretch sets, bucket hats and tshirts. Nice selection of misc rave and festival garments. 

Threaded Roots Creations

*Thunder Thighs: Around 30 color selections, this thigh high sock brand caters to us thick thighed beauties. Designed to fit 27-39 inches around comfortably, and includes tips on how to keep them up/from rolling.

Thunder Thighs

*Trash Queen: All the things! Uniquely designed with fun patterns. Overall shorts, jackets, skater skirts, bags, scrunchies, French berets and mystery “Lucky bags”. Size inclusive from XS-5XL. Custom orders available. They even have a “shop by vibe” section!

Trash Queen

*Tribe of Ravers: Sets, bodysuits, skirts, outerwear and fun sunglasses. Great selection of 4way stretch materials up to size XL, 2XL in some options. 

Tribe of Ravers

*Tunnel Vision: Awesome old school 90s/y2k aesthetic. Vintage wears and accessories. Dresses, tops, bottoms, hoodiea and cardigans. Options to search by size, goes up to 4XL. 

Tunnel Vision

*Twisted Movement: Edgy, handcrafted bodysuits, catsuits, leggings, and more done in a slit weave style. Fun patterns/prints as well as solid colors and velvets.

Twisted Movement


*University Customs: Design custom matching merch: flags, all types of jerseys and tapestries. They even offer help in designing your one of a kind idea! 

University Customs


*Vaprwear: This product line is featured on Amazon. They have backpacks, shirts, and hoodies that you can attach your vape cartridge to and smoke discreetly. Perfect for festivals and everyday functions to help you live that high life. #affiliate


*Vibedration: Backpacks and crossbody bags that hold you things and keep you hydrated. Coming in various bladder size and bag styles, complete with countless designs, Vibedration always stands out in a crowd. They also carry accessories like bum bags, wallets and hats. To save 10% off your order, use promo code HONEYJAYNE. #affiliate


*Vicerays: Stash sunglasses! Travel light and lit with these stealthy shades. Perfect for road trips, days on the beach, or your next concert.


*Victoria Anise: Beautiful lingerie and swimwear designs. Colorful material and delicate lace designs that are sure to bring out your sexy side. Size S-XL. 

Victoria Anise

*Videnoir: Serving up some serious glam gothic/vampire vibes! This brand has some very detailed lingerie and boudoir items that are great for a sexy Halloween or living your best spooky goddess life. Custom sizing available, stock size up to XL. 



*Warrior Within Designs: Beautiful onesies, bodysuits, and coats. A whole selection of velvet wears and tie-dye! Full line of Grateful Dead inspired garments. Offers clothing options for women and men.

Warrior Within Designs

*Wekoko: Super large selection of all the things! Clothing, Jewelry,  Bags, Shoes, accessories. Fans, bedazzled sunnies, men’s clothing!


*White Market: Page after page filled with choices for unisex clothing & accessories. Size inclusive up to 3x. Free worldwide shipping. Enamel pins, fun sunglasses, and catchy graphic shirts & hats. Funny socks, 420 friendly apparel and lots of play on words/corporate logos. Great options for accessorizing any outfit. 90s Club Kid vibes with the alternative fashion we are all looking for today. 

White Market

*Who Cares Why Not: Bling bling Burning Man vibes. Bedazzled hats and goggles. Sunnies, sparkle jackets and coats too. Somehow this brand puts me in the mind of what “festival formal” would look like!

Who Cares Why Not

*Wild Thing: Fun festival clothing for women and men that includes bedazzled military jackets, leggings, sparkle vests and funny tie-dye T-shirts. Full sequin bodysuits, spandex catsuits, and bold pattern design. Fun accessories like Fringe epaulettes, head chains and headdress for carnival. Great spot to pick up an all-around rave ready look.

Wild Thing

*Wobble Factory: Nice selection of jerseys and T-shirts with a love for dark colors.

Wobble Factory

*Wook Earrings: Cute dangle charm earrings that have Earplugs attached so you never lose them or of forget them at your next festival or music experience.

Wook Earrings

*Wooks’ Nook: Pashminas, mini spoons, fun socks and catchy T-shirts. Nice variety of colors and patterns, funny and druggy at the same time. Great place to get festival staples or gifts for your favorite Wook. 

Wooks’ Nook


*Yandy: Lingerie, sports wear, dance wear, shoes, and accessories.  They even carry the full J. Valentine collection. Think more of a XXX version of other rave fashion sites. Prices are low, and has a large selection of options, including plus size and costumes. Save 15% with promo code 15percentYandy #affiliate


*Youphoria Festival Wear: This innovative brand makes cozy full length festival coats (with pockets!) THAT FOLD INTO A BACKPACK! They also offer kimonos/duster vests, shoulder capes, sequin tops/tanks/dresses. Most clothing items have POCKETS (even tops and dresses) and go to size XL.

Youphoria Festival Wear

*YRU Shoes: This is one of the main staples in the world of festival shoes. Platforms, boots, sneakers, heels, flats and sandals, there is something for all occasions.



*Zumies: Great selection of streetwear for women, men and youths. Skater vibes and comfortable clothing. Large collection of garments and skater accessories. Lots of fashion choices for layering and cold weather, even a snow collection.



*3 Wishes Rave Wear: Lingerie, rave wear, costumes, and swimwear. This site has it all, and goes to size 3X/4X in plus category.

3 Wishes Rave Wear


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